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About Tommyknocker Brewery

For more than 25 years, Tommyknocker Brewery has been passionately crafting award winning ales and lagers.

TKB has been awarded over 100 medals from a multitude of local, national, and international competitions.

Tommyknocker is dedicated to our community and our environment. We partner with local organizations to raise money for great causes and promote local industry.

We're also a "GREEN" brewery employing a comprehensive recycling program and utilizing renewable energy.

Legend of the Tommyknockers

When the Cornish miners came from the tin mines in Cornwall to work in the gold fields of Colorado during the 1860's, they brought with them their own elves. These Tommyknockers lived in the mines, and were responsible for all kinds of mischief: snuffing out candles, eating lunches, and stealing tools. 
If a miner was kind and left food for the Tommyknockers, they often rewarded him by leading him to a rich vein of gold or even to the "mother lode" by tapping on the rock walls of the mine. Many a miner also claimed to have been saved by a Tommyknocker's warning of impending danger.